HELP! Urgent, what service is this?? Is this really sp3? [Resolved]

Hi all… wuauclt.exe has started launching this process update.exe which process explorer shows as Windows Service Pack setup… And a d+ popup is constantly poppin up ever since… what shud i do?

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make it a “trusted app” or better yet, “windows system app” and save it

If wuauclt.exe is what I think it is (the real windows updater) then it seems logical to save it as Windows Updater in D+ (which by default it should be already).

Ya the process is genuine… i just put d+to installation mode… it stopped after a while.

You can do that too, but the next time it updates, history will repeat (assuming it’s reverted from Installation Mode). Of course, it depends on how much trust it put in wuauclt.exe. I myself I know it’s legit process so I leave it as the default setup by CFP3 as the Predefined Policy: Windows Updater Applications.

Nope it won’t update by itself the next time… i disabled the automatic updates service (:TNG) don’t want it to use up my cpu everytime it checks (and it takes a hell of a time checking for what updates i need… i already got >100 updates installed… do they release windows without testing it?? :THNK

This is number to call and confirm the answer, but it’ll cost you:

I’ll close this down as resolved. If issue reappears PM an online mod to open.