Help! - Un/install CFP


Firstly let me say sorry if this has been covered before, but I am unable to find the solution after a search.

I un-installed ( using add or remove )Comodo firewall pro as it became corrupt. When I try to re-install Comodo I get this error:

EDIT: as the image is not showing clearly here is what it says " you seem to be having comodo firewall pro using older version of installer "

I would very much appreciate any help given as I find Comodo to be one the best firrewalls I have ever had.

I am using windows XP home edition SP2.

If you require any other info please let me know.

Thank you

Welcome to the form Retto :slight_smile:

Take a look at this post, it should help:

I can’t install Comodo Firewall Pro


Many thanks for your help it worked a treat (:KWL)

But now I have ran into another problem, image below.

Select “view image” to see image properly.

pop ups say “re-installing comodo may fix the problem”

I have installed and un-installed several times to try and fix the problem but it will not work - I can not even turn it on manually. :confused:

Thank you again for your help…much appreciated :wink:

Forgot to add that I am NOT using a router.

Hi Retto. Did you work you way through the Manual uninstall section of the thread I posted, as the screen shot you posted above is quite often associated with remnants from a prior installation.

Basically you have to ensure all traces of a prior installation have been removed before trying to reinstall.


Sorry it has taken me to get back to you…I decided to reinstall windows.

I am having some problems due to the firewall though.

I use FireFox as my browser and I keep getting this message “server not found” I know the the firewall is causing this error as when I uninstall comodo the internet runs smoothly.

Do you have any idea what could be causing this ?

Thankyou for your time.


Update Windows Installer. The version that ships with Win XP is fairly old and dates from 2001. The latest version released in April 2005 fixes most installation problems. Download from here


Thanks for replying.

I did what you told me and the problem still exists :frowning:

I still get “server not found” or pages not loading.

I did not want to do this but until the problem gets fixed I have had to change firewall :frowning:

Is there anything else i can do ???

(L) and I want to keep using it…so please if anyone has a solution to my problem, that’ll be great.

(B) (R)

Hi Retto.

Sorry to hear your still having problems. First of all, can I assume the initial problem you posted been fixed, that is, your Security Monitor now shows Green and you have Excellent for Protection Strength?

That being the case, and the fact you have reinstalled Windows, suggests the problem lies elsewhere, perhaps with a blocked application/service.

What we need to now, is try to track down the problem. To do that You’ll have to post some more detailed information.

Please read this post Important - Please read before posting carefully and post the information required here.



Thank you for sticking with me :slight_smile: Below is what you have requested.

  1. Version I was using also tried V3 RC1 - same problem

  2. Virgin Broadband ( XL ) 20mbps down 768kB/s up

  3. XP Home Edition SP2

  4. AVG Anti-virus and AVG Anti-spyware

  5. Windows firewall is off and so is the security center ( note: I have had this set up from the very beginning with no problems )

  6. None

  7. The only app running is my browser FireFox

  8. I have made no custom rules

Browsing is a real problem “server time outs” every 2 minutes.

I am unable to take snap shots of Comodo due to having another firewall in place. I am unable ( for now ) to restart my PC due to Encoding but as soon as it has finished i will reinstall it.

I hope with the info given it may be able to assist you in assisting me.

Thanks again for your time and patience :slight_smile:

edit: forgot to say that all green lights are on.

edit2: added 2 images