Help to increase font size in CD menus, etc

I just put CD in a new Windows 8.1 laptop and am having rouble reading the fonts in many areas. I can handle getting the font large enough in the page being displayed, but cannot find how to do it in places other tan the page itself.

For example, the titles of bookmarks, the menu that pops up when you right click on a link, the items in the list when CD icon clicked–and in the submenus for those that have submenus?

Does anyone know ho those can be made larger?

Hi movrshakr,
Is this a different issue/request than previously posted in the link below?
New Windows 8.1 - text of bookmarks bar way too small


Yes, I thought that had worked, but now find everything is still small.

But as I was looking at things to answer you, I found that ALL on my display settings had reverted to their default levels. I am trying to reset everything again to see if I still have the issue.

Before, I hated Windows 8.1 ;
now I hate hate it. Example–I was missing the power icon; rebooted; got power icon back–now missing volume icon. Not CD I know; just ever so immensely frustrating to be working on one issue, and have more slap you in the face before you even solve the first one.