help to fix comodo [Solved]

so i have both comodo and chrome installed,main problem is certain thumbnails,images not load ,in youtube i dot see any pictures,any video thumbnails,but video plays good, and cant to click on facebook notifications i mean when i open notifications and i want to click on them it’s like trasnparent and i cant click on it it clicks on things which are under opened notification tab instead ,tryed reinstall both flash player and java,same thing … and btw cant get anything from chrome web store instead of get for free or something it shows available for chrome ,and for chrome i just click get for free and it works…
comodo version
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any one ??

Please don’t bump within 24 hrs. What Comodo product with version number are you using? Is your problem with using Comodo Dragon browser?

comodo dragon,same problem with chrome also.

Hi herbsman,
Dragon V15 is over 2 year old.
Please try the current version and see if the issues persists.
Comodo Dragon ver 33.0 is now available for download


thnx ,duh … i didnt though’t my version was so old,updated ,problems fixed !

That is good to hear the issue is solved. :-TU
Time does fly when you are having fun. :wink:

Kind regards.