Help... Stupid Me installed LimeWire...

I installed LimeWire cause a friend told me about it. Some Friend :frowning: I ended up with 3 viruses and over 180 infected files. I managed to detect and delete the files with Antivir PE Classic but now I’m panicing about viruses in general.

My question is… Now that I’ve gotten rid of the infected files is it safe to do a system restore back to before I installed LimeWire?

Can anyone advise me of the best Antivirus… I’ve been reading all day about Kaspersky and NOD32 and looked at the recent AV Comparatives test. I need some advice on which antivirus to get! Please if possible, help… I need a Proper Antivirus on my system. Certainly learned my lesson though…


LimeWire is just a p2p sharing program. Only the contents that are downloaded are more likely to be malware (unless the installer was also malware itself).

I don’t use System Restore so I can’t answer that.

Best is a subjective term. If you’re looking for the highest detection rate, Kaspersky should be the choice. If you’re looking for heuristics that catches more zero-day malware, try NOD32.


I both used kaspersky and NOD32 and I prefer Kaspersky (actually comodo at the moment :d)
kaspersky gives great protection and a fine scanner and almost every hour an update so your antirus will always be up to date.


maybe you could try bitdefender gives a bit beter defence then kaspersky

Your friend is still a good friend, Limewire itself doesn’t contain any malware whatsoever. It’s only if some user coughs and points at you runs files they downloaded from Limewire without first scanning it with a reputable anti-virus.


If you have successfully removed the viruses that you were infected with, then yes you can go ahead and do a system restore to a time before you were infected with the viruses.