Help: STUCK on "Updating user policies, please wait..."

Please help! I just attempted installing Comodo Firewall v.3 on a Win XP SP2 installation which was running fine. After scanning and reboot, the machine is hanging on the “Please wait…Updating user policies, please wait” message box, and will not boot further. I tried starting in safe mode but to no avail. Can someone suggest a course of action? Thank you!

When you scanned did it find anything? You always should be able to get into safe mode. Go into safe mode and select “last known good configuration”.

Scan was clean (I’m meticulous about security), and “Last Known Good” gave me a BSoD. I’ll try that again, only tried once. I use TrueCrypt 6 for full-disk encryption. Right now, I am using the TrueCrypt rescue disk to permanently decrypt the system partition in case I need to take other action. Once that is done, I’ll try another “Last Known Good.” If that fails, do you have any suggestions other than heading to the install disk to try the Recovery Console (never had much luck there in the past) or a repair install?

Thank you for your quick reply.