Help Stealth mode not working

win xp sp3
Avast home 4.8

Hello everyone.

After changing few settings on my CFP (These settings were about defense +) ,My desktop become corrupted.
i couldnot restore my computer to earlier state, as it is not a production machine ,I safely went for reinstalllation of xp.

This time i decided not to choose the option of insdtalling defense+ and leak protection during setup, istesd i went for simple packet filtering option.

After installing CFP i choosed the Stealth Mode.

Later I decided to check its effectiveness ,I ran a online port prob test where it was revealed Port 0 and Port 1 are not in stealth Mode but in Closed State.

This makes my machine visible on internet,

To overcome this problem I added this in Global rule

Allow In TCP/UDP from Any To Any Source Port Any TO Dest Port 2-65353

still my Machine is visible on Probe test.

please help

Thanks in advace

I sujest you take a look here first.

I’ll move this thread as it fits better in the leak testing board


evenig to all,

Sorry for replying so late to this thread again
Today I installed the CFP 3.025.378 without D+ but with leak protection.
My test at GRC are showing Port 0,1 as closed not stealth.

No firewall was enabled this test was done by using dial up modem.