help starting firewall

Hi ,
Recenltly i was installing different firewalls to test uninstalling and installing after checking every firewall i go back to comodo now i install reboot and it does not start by itself.
I am running SSM free
I did not get any alerts while installing Comodo may be i had SSM rule to allow running the application.


Some firewalls are notoriously difficult to remove and often leave traces that can affect future installations of other security software. Zone Alarm and Norton are two products that can be difficult to get rid of.

Your best bet may be to uninstall CFP and then re-install it whilst running in safe mode. This way it should install without conflicting with any other install software.


Just like to confirm ZA.

I have ZA on one of my computers and the updates stopped. ZA advice was to do a clean uninstall and re install. I have tried that umteen times now and the prob still exists!!

They have now sent me a 2 page instruction list ranging from A.Z just to get rid of the program. I now have have to get a techie friend to do this as it involves removing registry files which I do not feel 100% sure about and would hate to have to reformat again.

Needless to say that as my licences expire I am going to install Comodo.