Help setting up Comodo in LAN

Hallo everyone!

I’m new in Comodo and i would like your help with setting up my firewall in my small LAN.I have a small LAN in my house (3 PC).One pc is the proxy server.I want to set up different security policies for the other 2 PC. I have some questions:
1)Do i have to install a server software in one of my PC in order to behave like a server;
2)Should i set up the firewall settings for my LAN in just the server PC or in each one seperately?
3)Should Comodo find my LAN as a “New Network”?If not, what should i do?
4)I want Comodo to set Authentications Rules for some programms.How can this be done?

Sorry if my English isn’t to good.I wait your answers and advices!!!