help setting for bitcomet

i cant dl anything thru bitcomet as the listen port is blocked

From the bit comet site


[i]A yellow light means your client can reach other clients but other ones can not reach your client. Your can still download with BitComet in this case, but your speed can not be as high as in green light status.

The most possible reason of a yellow light status is that your pc is in an intranet. So you have to configure a NAT (Network Address Translation) for BitComet listening port on your gateway. Another reason is the firewall used by your system or your ISPs system blocked this port.

how do i fix this?

Try this:

Make sure you do port-forwarding in your router though as well/make sure your routers firewall allows the BitComet port.

i’m using comodo firewall pro…and the program doesn’t look like the link in the image… where do i get that? or what do i do now?