Help Screen link on Internet comes up blank

When I click on the help screen on Comodo and go to the internet, it comes up blank. The link is:

I am running the free version of Comodo Firewall version 5.9.221665.2197. I have tried to go to the Comodo website to locate the help files to download them to my PC. but I cannot seem to locate them on the site. Any assistace is appreciated.

Hi BB9,
I am not sure as to why the help section is not working for you, it sounds like a Browser issue to me.
Try opening the link with a different browser if you have another installed.
The link you posted works for me.

Comodo help
The following might help in the mean time.
Note: Direct download link 12.5MB Help Userguide PDF for CIS

I don’t have another browser, but I will use the PDF link you have provided. I have cleared the cookies out and other items in the browser that would seem to conflict with bringing up the help screen in Comodo, and nothing seems to work. Thanks for your assistance.

Hi BB9,
Please try the Comodo help link again, because I have been informed that you were not alone with it coming up blank yesterday.
Kind regards.