HELP: Scanners working with v3

I’m running defense+ in training mode to alleviate the hundreds to thousands of pending file entries it gets when it’s even in clean pc mode (please fix this?). I’m still having trouble getting Mcafee Enterprise 8.5i scanning to work without the majority of files it scans ending up in the pending list. I’ve made Mcafee a trusted software vendor. I’ve gone into the defense+ computer security policy and given scan32.exe (the av scanner) the okay to do everything in both access rights and protection settings and yet it still shows thousands of items scanned as modified when I run the scanner. I had the same problem with on-demand scans from a-squared. I can’t figure out what else to do, what am I missing?

This is weird. If I open up a-squared free and bring up the comodo firewall gui so I can see defense+ suspicious block count, when I hover my mouse over a-squared the count starts climbing rapidly. Take it off it stops, put it on it starts. What the hell is that? And it’s not a coincidence it happens every time.

The AV is probably trying to view or scan the CFP processes. They are protected and generate alerts when another program interacts with them. You should try putting the CFP processes that generate the alerts (Defense+>Common Tasks>View Defense+ Alerts) on the Safe or Ignore or Exceptions list for the AV.
The Pending files list can be dealt with fairly quickly if you first “Purge” the list (removes files that are no longer on the HD) and then “Lookup” the remaining files. Any that are not known should be submitted for analysis - even if you know what they are - as a public service. Don’t do this from the “Lookup” results dialog if there are large install etc files that you know about. Close the window and select the ones you want to leave off and “Remove” them from the list and finally select all the remaining files and “Submit” them before "Remove"ing them from the list.

I would understand if that was it because they are protected files but it’s not just the cpf files it shows. It lists other program.exe’s pretty much everything the scanner looks at. I think it has something to do with it using temp files but I can’t figure out how to configure defense+ to not care if certain programs do it. Either the options that I changed aren’t being applied or there is some other component I have to change. Let me know, thanks.