help - rules, zone, creations explanation in details pls + cmdagent workaround

Hi all.

I guess I’m missing something , but how can I ALLOW or BLOCK whole subnet in the fw/zone rules?

If I get this straight there are settings for (IP’s): ANY, SINGLE, SINGLE w SUBNET, IP RANGE, DNS, MAC

I think it is “IP w SUBNET” what I need, but it is single ip. I need to allow all of my local subnet… etc.
Or… :wink: , is this it?.

To be honest, didn’t try it yet on my own, but, I really need to ask because I’ve already rtfm, but I don’t get it.

AND, for 200+ cmdagent connections, heh, dudes, wtf?, … It is connecting on all low ports.
This is however unacceptable, and simple fix is that you create BLOCK rule for “cmdagent” and put it UP above, before “Comodo Internet Security” main rule, hierarchy.
Don’t forget to turn OFF log in this rule or you’ll have 200 blocked intrusions :slight_smile: