HELP restore outlook pst file

Hi to all.
I have created a backup of my .pst files directory using the incremental method.
The name of the backup file is Outlook_inc_files|Date1|.cbu, where Date1 is a Macro that writes the date (day, month, year).

On 09 Feb 2012 I ran for the first time the backup and it switched, as expected to full backup.
The name of the file created is Outlook_inc_files_09_02_2012.cbu
The log file, that I have, said that everything was ok.
Today 11 Feb 2012 I ran again the backup and it created an incremental file Outlook_inc_files_11_02_2012.cbu and the log said everything was ok.

Now the problem

I need to restore the outlook.pst file because I have deleted some email.
So here is what I have done:
I clicked on Outlook_inc_files_11_02_2012.cbu
The Comodo backup opened, I chose the destination folder, tempemail, and clicked restore.
The problem is that in the destination folder I do not have the right backup restored.
It is very small.

The 9 Feb 2012 the outlook.pst files was 274.084 KB
After the restore the outlook.pst file size is only 20.873 KB

What am I doing wrong?
How can I get a correct restored pst file?

If I restore the Outlook_inc_files_09_02_2012.cbu I get 274.084 KB that is the situation at the date of 9.02.
But if I restore the Outlook_inc_files_11_02_2012.cbu I do not get the union of them but only a small pst file that can not be opened with Outlook.

Any idea?


We have a fix for this issue.
Please try one of this exes, place it in your installation folder and run it instead of CBU.exe

GUI.exe (32 bit OS)
GUI.exe (64 bit OS)

A release with a fix for this issue will soon be available.


Dear Emanuel,
thanks for your answer and for your help.
I ran the GUI.exe 64 bit on the Outlook_inc_files_11_02_2012.cbu and it restored a copy that was bigger than the other, 274.057 KB against 20.873kb, but the pst file did not open.
So I had to pass it trough the scanpst utility and then it opened, but there were only a few emails left. I can say that there were only sent email of 11.02.2012.
I was happy to see that the one I found were those I was looking for.

Please tell me if it is possibile to incrementally backup pst files or if I have to use another way?

Yes, it is possible. You don’t have to use another way. The way you described above is ok.
Just use the new GUI.exe I posted until the new release with the fix will be out.