Help! Restore is not finding backup

Brand new Galaxy S3 wasn’t charging so I had to take it to one of the official repair centres in London.

Before I kissed it goodbye I backed up all my apps and data with CMS, to what it told me was my SD card.

I did a factory reset as I don’t trust what I don’t know. And removed the SD card.

The repair centre took two whole weeks to tell me they couldn’t replicate the problem, that it must me my charger/cable. I picked it up… miffed as I had explained it was intermittent and I had tried other chargers. But as it is seemingly charging, I have to hope the issue is gone.

Went to restore my apps etc…

No backup found.

I read around and there doesn’t seem to be any info on where the backup went. I’m now dreading the fact that it may have gone to the internal SD card.

Can someone clarify this please?

If so, it’s ludicrous and poor form to expect someone to distinguish between SD and Ext SD. Is this Samsung or Comodo’s issue.

If not, how can I find my backup?

Did you select the “wipe the SD Card”, when you rest the phone?