help required

Since installing all Comodo products I personally have had zero problems, and even installed the firewall and anti-virus on another computer today, However…

I recently recommended to a close friend your website and products, however when he attempted to install your firewall, his laptop crashed and since then has had a very irritating and unresolvable problem.

Every time he starts internet explorer, Comodo firewall installation pops up a message stating that an installation session is in progress, however it does not continue to install, instead just hangs on the message, he says he cannot install a fresh copy either as the installer says again that there is already an installation in progress. and cannot continue.

Problem: Cannot use Internet Explorer now & cannot install firewall, also cannot uninstall current failed session, and above all has lost all faith in my recommendations. Ultimately affecting my reputation for which I strongly rely upon.

Please please please help, offer some sort of suggestion that I can offer to resolve this dilemma.

What version did your friend inastall? This will have a bearing on how to clear up the failed install.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I cannot verify this only that he initially installed it aproximately 3 weeks ago from a direct download.
does this information help you?

Need to know. Some download sites still ist V2.3 which used InstallShield, whereas V2.4 uses Comodo’s custom installer. There’s a hell of a difference between them.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your speedy reply, can you not enlighten me on bother remedies, as I can offer him both he will know which to apply, after confirming his version number.

(B)Many thanks for your efforts and otherwise LOVE this whole Comodo thang!