Help regarding UnclassifiedMalware[at][at]63981984

[b]Hello friends :slight_smile:

Today while surfing i got this notification from Comodo Internet Security that it has detected


i have deleted it…

but i got it while surfing Facebook on Opera…so i was just curious to know what it is… :slight_smile:

Thanks !!!


Hi d4rk-blu,

Thanks for reporting.We are going to check that and get back to you.


Hi d4rk-blu,

Reported file is not a FP.It is capable of downloading additional malwares to your system,which is the reason for detection.


@ haja

Thanks for such such a quick reply :slight_smile:

btw sorry i didnt understand wats FP :-/

and dat time Mafia Wars opened, i guess it came from dat app…