Help recover password after Windows 8 Refresh install!

I am in big problem…I had to refresh windows cause of BSOD during start up with windows 8.
Almost all was back as normal after refresh, all old programs where saved in the “Windows.old” folder, most old programs in that folder work… comodo dragon work…but… my saved passwords is not there!!!

as from what I can tell all “old” files from the old installation is still there in the “Windows.old” folder which seem to be created by windows after you install a windows REFRESH. However, I think the registry is reset…I fear… for that reason that it might be impossible to recover the passwords… I hope not :frowning:

I have 1400 dollars on my amazon account, and the account happen to be registered with a lavabit account as you might know was shut down without warning a couple of weeks ago…

Any help is deeply appreciated thanks!

Hi solyaris242424,
Passwords are saved in the ‘Login Data’ file, this can been found under Users\Username\AppData\Local\Comodo\Dragon\User Data\Default

Copy the file from Windows.old, to the same location in your current windows.

There is also an automatically retrieve personal files option in the link below.
Please note: I have not personally run or tested the automatic option.
How to retrieve files from the Windows.old folder

Hope that helps.

This did work for me last time I did it, but now my pc crashed again I am trying to copy the files again from the appdata folder, but everything in my old browser was restotred such as history bookmarks etc BUT NOT MY PASSWORDS!
What has changed like last time, does it not work any more ? is it because chrome version 30 use a different way to store the passwords ?

Please let me know I am in a big need to recover my old passwords.

I have also noticed now after I have reinstalled windows 8 , when I save a password it does not seem to be saved at all when I check in settings…in dragon… why is that ?
it has always worked before.

Checkout it might help. Good Luck.

I decided to look it it up, I wont garentee this will work with version 30

probably 1 of 2 places at least for chrome (show hidden files before starting)

C:\Users<username>\Appdata\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default


C:\Documents and Settings<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

it’ll propably be a file named ‘Login Data’. <— it’ll be a database file in SQLite format
if you want to look at the contents of it something like sqlitebrowser should be fine (although I never used that for purpose, but a file formant is still a file format though) >:-D hxxp://

This site below has a decrypter for the chrome password, but dont know if it will work with version 30

hopefully this helps