Help Quick, kids trying to install AOL software on pc

Please help me make a rule for CFP v.3 to block the AOL app altogether. I dont want the AOL software loaded on my pcs and I need a way to stop it from being installed, is there anyway to do this? and if so is it very hard? I dont really mind AIM but the AOL software bundles too much ■■■■ and I dont want them to be able to install it

It will have to be installed in order for you to block it.

Hmm, what if I download the app, like say the AOLsetup.exe? Can’t I block so the installer doesnt run?

Yes it most probably would work if you block the program in Defence+ the only problem I can see is that they usually change the name every time they upgrade.
EDIT If they download to a different place/path I doubt if this will work

I say your best bet is to put them in a limited account so they can not install stuff.