Help - Port 80 and 5000 always open


Im having trouble with Comodo Firewall. I already installed comodo for the third time and everytime i perform the security check for open ports on Shieldsup my port 80 and 5000 are open.

If i uninstall comodo and turn on windows firewall, shieldsup will say all my ports are stealth.

I really liked to have comodo (i have been a happy costumer of comodo firewall on the past), but im almost giving up and stay with only the ■■■■ windows firewall.

My settings are:

Windows firewall off
UAC off
Proactive Security active
Stealth ports wizard block all connections and stealth ports
Protect Arp cache
Block Gratuitons Arp
Do Protocol Analisys

Im not under a router, i connect directly to internet using a Vodafone mobile connection

Any help to resolve my issue will be apreciate.

Ty in advance

May be you are behind a big ISP router. I have seen that before.

Can you see what IP address your mobile connection is getting? Is it in the 10.x.y.z range?