Please can ANYONE let me know what I can do to stop/avoid/block the cable channel signal blocking that is being done to me ?
from Marj

We cant see what you see, when you dont tell us.

First step:
Look in the logs.

Maybe then you will allready know what to “unblock”.

I suggest you look through the list of blocked applications and see if you recognize any of them as the or part of the application that you use for cable channels. If it’s not there, then it may not be CIS that’s doing the blocking (or at least, not intentionally). If it’s in the browser, check the firewall logs. If it’s an app, look through D+.

What version of CIS are you using? Can you post a screenshot of the Firewall Logs (View Firewall Events)?

What is getting blocked and what makes you think it is the cable signal responsible?

What I mean to say is:
I get Charter Cable TV service. On the same nite of the week- at the very same time - Very often - the same channel gets blocked (frozen). Spoke w/Charter abt it and tech said there IS something that can be used to block a channel signal. (He called it “electromagnetic signal interference”. )
Pretty certain I know who is doing this but I cannot prove it.
What I need is something to stop it from happening.
Anyone know a device I can buy, something I can do to prevent it from being done ? Or how to un-block it when they do it ?

I don’t believe anyone is doing this to you.

It’s fairly easy to interfere with someone’s TV reception if they are using a standard TV antenna. With cable TV though, they’ll need to first overcome the shielding of the cable, which is designed to shield the cable from interference… (Unless of course, they’ve inserted their device somewhere along the line)

Something powerful enough to get passed the cable’s shielding would be affecting far more than your cable TV signal. Everyone within a few blocks of you would also not have TV, (cable or otherwise) radio, or likely even cell phone access.

I think it’s something happening at your cable provider. (And of course getting them to admit there is a problem at there end is always a chore)

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Imagine the tech on the line wearing a tin foil hat :smiley:

His mind would not get meddled with during that time a day. He must be happy he finally has a scenario there the tin foil hat offered protection from something real… :smiley:

But seriously. I share HeffeD’s analysis (I studied Electronics back in the days) that this problem has to be sought upstream. The reason is that electromagnetic interference that strong will interfere across a bigger area and is not that specific (it will interfere on multiple stations with many devices in an area wider than just your house).

When the problem is only with one station it has to be on your cable provider’s end. Something is happening very specifically with one station and that points to problem in a head end (and not the customer’s end).

The helpdesk person clearly has no real understanding of the effects of EM interference and is one of the “script drones” that are only there to make modern life a Kafkaesk hell… :-X :-\

Keep us posted on how things continue to help you counter helpdesk hell with solid technical understanding (HeffeD and I are both schooled in Electronics).

Aia. :)) Here I thought it was a program. Browsed through the first post and now I’m thinking why the hell did I think that? XD

Simply put, electromagnetic interference would require a radius which depends on the amount of energy that is released – a field, in other words. Therefore, they are correct. If someone is purposely blocking your signal, it either must be within your home, or that he ends up messing with other people’s cables because of the required energy released.

Or…as in most cases, it’s only a loose ■■■■■, a faulty electrical wiring, or an atmospheric disturbance (which should also affect others). Check these first. They’re most likely the culprit rather than anyone intentionally blocking it. Unless of course they’re trolls, then the likelihood of that happening certainly increases. Of course, he still has to break into your house and put in an electromagnetic wave circuit disruptor (which is going to be whopper on your electric bill, not to mention not being cheap aside from being rare) and back out without getting seen.

Or he might as well just have cut the cable wire.

Spainach has a good point to check for loose connections in the wiring of your cable connection. It is always good to have basics covered.

I am learning a LOT from you all.
I am just going to buy the TV show in DVDs from Amazon.
I am TOO THRU with trying to get reasonable reception on that nite at the same time too often.
Maybe its that Giant Feud btwn Charter and LinGroup. One claims “they want 150% more $ than they did previously” the other claims "Chartter can afford whats on the table and more "
I thot they setlled it.
Thank You for answering. I would sure like to learn more abt how this all works.
No Clue where to start, being mechanically challeneged as I am .
Many Thanks to all for input.

Do you have other providers in your area?

If you could tell your provider that you are going to switch providers due to this issue, they may be more inclined to take your complaint seriously.

You might also ask them to come out and make a line test. Preferably during the problem time. If they won’t do that because it’s after hours, ask them if they could put a signal strength recorder on your line for a week or two. That way they can chart exactly what is happening at your end. If you complain enough, they might not even charge you a service call.

You could also have them check your connection to the trunk line. Cable within the house can last for a long time, but external flexible cable can start to break down after a few decades out in the weather.

When i complained about something, i got each time a new modern router. (At my first complaint i had an old modem :smiley: )
Until they LISTENED and solved the REAL problem.
A modern router is nice though :smiley: