help please

i looked on my logs on COMODO and there are several of the same. lots of “Medium / Network Monitor / Inbound Policy Violation” and a few “High / Network Monitor / Blocked by Protocol Analysis (Fake or Malformed IP Packet)”

what do these mean? is my computer being attacked? i got comodo because a couple of weeks ago a norton window popped up saying an nmap scan had been blocked.
Can somebody help please?

Sorry for double post but i just closed bittorrent and the logs came to a halt, when i opened it again, they started, now i closed it and they stopped. could this have been the problem? and would bittorrent be able to send nmap scans too?

CFP, Norton, and any other security application will report what they know how to report. That does not mean the actual sender program is in any way related to what’s being reported. A packet is a packet, and can’t really be distinguished as one sender program or another.

Having said that, there are apparently some filesharing clients that seem to have their own IP stack, and so don’t strictly conform to what are called proper packet structures. Nmap is a tool that does such things deliberately. That doesn’t make a fileshare client an accidental nmap equivalent. It just means the fileshare client needs to have its IP stack code examined and possibly rewritten.

I’m not to knowledgable about computers or packets or anything. do i have anything to worry about?

Nope, nothing to worry about. So long as everything is consistent with starting and stopping bittorrent, then all you are seeing are fileshare clients that need to have their code redone.

I’ve closed bittorrent, the medium ones are still coming and the rare ones are coming but hardly. would it be vbulletin forums doing this? i’m baffled otherwise of what it could be.

Remote fileshare clients can take a while, sometimes a very long while, to discover that your machine is no longer available since you closed bittorrent. The traffic should fall off over time, but no idea how fast that will happen.

Was discussed here too a short while ago.