HELP Please!!

i have a problem here regarding my internet connections and comodo firewall… before i installed the comodo firewall: streaming was fast (no interruptions)
2. p2p sharing was fast
3. internet surfing was fast
4. sending email through thunderbird was fast
5. downloading was fast

then i installed comodo firewall… after i have installed the firewall, the results were:

  1. video streaming became slow
  2. p2p sharing is still fast
  3. internet surfing became slow
  4. sending email through thunderbird became slow
  5. downloading became slow

so after i have noticed this changes, i unistalled comodo firewall and ran ad aware, hijack this, ccleaner, a - squared anti spyware software and registry mechanic…but my internet connection was not restored…what should i do? help please…

Hi jonkimnicko,

I want to ask something to you. How much time did you spend to operations you wrote? Installing CFP, then uninstalling, then Ad-Aware, HijackThis, CCleaner, anti spyware software and Registry Mechanic… Perhaps, the others you didn’t write here.

Before reply to you, I checked all your messages to this forum. I think, a serious problem related OS is lying on your computer.

I want to whisper a trick to you: I always start with a format and installing of my OS when I change a “serious” program on my computer. Firewalls are serious because they control OSs. I was using another firewall before CFP and read many user comments says that was not possible to uninstall it completely. They report problems after uninstalling it.

Therefore, for me, format and refresh of OS is necessary even takes more time. Otherwise, you can think disk imaging as another way.


comodo firewall ran for about 3 weeks then i decided to unistall it because of the problems…

so you mean that i should reformat my hard drive?

Exactly yes!

If you install CFP on a new OS, I hope it will work fine. Like mine. :slight_smile:


ok…but is there any other way to bring back my Internet connection to normal?

I assume that the question has been addressed to other members. My solution was clear!