Help please with bluetooth devices...

Hi, firstly i will appologise as this is new software for me and apart from this issue i have found it works brilliantly.

i can connect my bluetooth phone to the computer using the send/receive file function through the bluetooth devices icon in the system tray.

the problem is that i want to be able to send files to my computer from my phone without using my computer…send to home computer in the phones menu and away you go. otherwise i have to be physically sat at the computer every time. i used to be able to do this with ZA software but it is baffling me with comodo.

my computer shows the phone as connected but my phone can never find my conputer to start any transfer. i think it must mean that it is being blocked by the firewall but i dont know how to resolve this. the phone cannot find any services on the computer to use.

i am running xp sp2 with the windows firewall turned off.

any help would be appreciated…

In the Advanced → Attack Detection and Analysis menu, click the “Configure” button, go to the Miscellaneous tab and uncheck “Do Protocol Analysis”. Reboot for the change to take effect.

hi, done as suggested but still no change…any other ideas?