Help Please Syncronising between drive has caused recursion.


I hope someone may be able to help.

I’m using the latest version of Comodo Backup 4.07.14 to back up and and a couple of times to synchronise folders between drives.

Didn’t realise there was a problem until today when I noticed that one of the synchronised folders appears to have ‘bounced’ back and forth between the two drives resulting in nested copies of the folders. The difficulty is that no matter how far down the nest I move I cannot delete the folders, the report each time being 'Source file name(s) are larger than that supported by the file system (Vista 64 bit) with a suggestion to move or rename the file - which I cannot do for the same reason.

Someone suggested using a program called EMCO moveonboot V2 but that failed for the same reason, file name too large.

Strangely, although the folders appear to all contain the images from the originals ‘Properties’ reports the whole nest as containing ‘0’ bytes, 0 files but 38 folders.

Any help or suggestions most welcome


Fixed it. No idea why it happened but someone pointed me towards a program called Deep Remove designed especially to remove nested folders too large for the usual delete to handle.

So thanks for looking, I think I’ll avoid using synchronise from now on, too risky!