Help please, My rules not working.

Hello guys,

I have some problem here,
I want to make one of computer in my network ( only have access to browsing port (80, 443) because i suspect his computer has worm, or some software which downloading very fast per sec and download it from many connection (and the server computer with comodo installed become very very laggy when it happens).

I’ve set rules to restrict only to browsing port (see image attachment 2.jpg).

[LAN] is ip range from -
[Browsing] Port is 80,443

But somehow just pass trough (see attachment 1.jpg).

Please advise me what to do, maybe my rules are wrong. Thank you all :slight_smile:

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Try making separate in and out rules to be sure CFP is correctly interpreting the source and destination. Are you doing ICS? 80, 443 are only http destination ports, not sources. The connections show DNS requests coming in from, to (presumably you, the server) but we need to know more about your configuration. Your server can only be a source out and a destination in.

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, i am doing ICS. The server IP is first connect to then connect to internet.

Can you help me revising my rule? Here is my revised rule (image attachment), but i don’t know it’s correct or not.

Current configuration:
I included into [LAN] network, I think by default it should be allow all transmission, then i have just block every port except browsing port before it,

Thank you

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Your rule seems reasonable. What about DNS for like allow UDP to port 53 is needed also. Not an ICS user, but let us know if this works for you-there are lots of other ICS users here to help. But not knowing how ICS really works, you could change the in the block rule to “any”. :slight_smile:

Thanks sded.
I’ve revised my rule as you suggested for me. (Open the port 53, and change to Any)

I don’t know if it’s gonna work or not, i’m gonna report it later.

Thanks :slight_smile:

There is also an ICS Wiki article with a more complete set of rules at IT Service Management (ITSM) | Information and FAQs from Wiki Comodo that you might find useful in setting up your system.