help, please. major problems

hi. i purchased comodo pro 2012. i installed-it installed invalid version; i went back on line & re-installed comodo. geek buddy did a tune up, no help as i still have black screens, computer stalls out-have to remove the battery to get it to run. this is very aggravating.

two days agao i uninstalled the dtagon & GEEKBUDDY as i got tired of it stalling. restarted my hp; went back to my email & re-downloaded comodo again. same stuff-black screen; removing batterry to restart; nothing is working; says i have no internet when the hp desktop is on line; etc. this morning, found out in my security settings, comodo is not active in my firewall or the anti virus. now, i am getting mad.

if i have this many problems with comodo & all geek buddy can do is a tune up, i’ll uninstall comodo. this is stupid to have to remove the battery every time i want to get anywhere. i wish someone who actually knows what they are doing will fix this before i uninstall comodo !! since i am no geek buddy, i would appreciate a senior geek buddy or someone who knows what they are doing, to try to fix this. thank you for letting me vent my problems here. >:(

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Please try the advice I give in Most Effective Way to Reinstall CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems and let us know if it helps.


When Chiron’s tips are not working can you check the Windows logs for possible clues on what is happening? They are under Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Event Viewer → Windows Logs → System. Look for entry with a red icon that are within two minutes after boot.

hi eric. i have several: red following boot failed SRTSP;
warning WINNIT;
red! previous shutdown was unexpected, crashed;
critical system has rebooted without shutdown, crash;
!error loading symantec driver (this i am not sure if as i never use norton);
!error loading virus definitions;
!warning unable to load files; there is more.

all of these just happened when i lost the internet & everything, 8th time today.
time for all these: 2-8-2012 8:51 p.m. help me please ???

**** i forgot to tell all of you, i have a 64 bit computer, so the only way i can uninstall anything, is the normal “add/remove programs” & a restart ****

The logs mention Symantec driver as a source. That means there are left over of a Symantec/Norton installation from the past. Please run the Norton removal tool and reboot your computer and let us know how things are afterward.

The Norton Removal tool can be found in this list: ESET Knowledgebase .

hi. last nite when i got off line, i went to the registry editor & removed malwarebytes; norton; toolbars that were deleted eons ago; & anything else i knew was gone or i didn’t install. i restarted, ran my ccleaner for registry & files-cleaned & restarted. had to remove battery several times. today i did the norton uninstall & so far i’ve only had 2 crashes, which is better than every hour. ???now, can anyone tell me if i leave the windows firewall active on any of the connections ??? internet & non internet ?? i still think i have some problems but so far so good. do i now have to delete & re-install the CIS all over again ? :-\ thanks guys & awaiting your answers. :slight_smile:

To start clean with CIS follow Chiron’s advice in the above. Also make sure to run the cleaners for every security program you recall ever having used juts to be be on the safe side of things. I am asking this because of the apparent instability on your system and I want to be as close to sure as possible to excluded left overs of other security programs,

When you uninstall CIS it should enable Windows Firewall automatically. It never hurts to check if Windows Firewall is running after you uninstalled CIS and rebooted.

Can you check the Windows logs again to see what is causing these crashes? Please copy the text or post screenshots of the relevant log entries.

hi. i’m getting the revo uninstaller now, hopefully it will work. the only other anti-virus i know of was avanquest & microsoft security essentials. hopefully revo will tell me if there is more. man, i never installed norton, but the uninstaller found 30,000 + files. wow !! so, norton is gone. i’ll be back for step 2 after i run the revo. oh, the only red marks i had today was from microsoft security essentials, malware ? failed. oh tea, CIS has been telling me all day it had an update. about an hour ago i updated, & sure enough, remove the battery to restart. now, do i remove the dragon & geek buddy also ? thanks guys for all the help :slight_smile:

Since you want to do a clean installation of CIS why not uninstall Dragon and Geekbuddy as well? You can always decide during installation if you want to install them again. At the bottom of the installer you will find Customise button to help select what you want to install or not.

hi. i did not know that as i got the CIS 2012 that has geekbuddy & the dragon free; got it for ma’s 2 computers & this laptop. works great on the desktop, haven’t installed in her laptop yet. well, i have revo. i’ll be back to look for other things i have to uninstall before restarting & coming back to make sure all my ducks are in a row, before getting CIS again. thanks eric & chiron ?. i’ll be back :slight_smile:

hi again. nothing more virus wise found by norton or anyone. the only thing i had a problem with was the geekbuddy-that stalled for 5 min. before uninstalling. see, when i got on the geekbuddy the other day, it took less than 3 min. to do a tuneup; i never saw what he was doing. when we had the dell, i saw everything they were doing. anyway, these major, major problems all started after the geekbuddy did whatever he did & the tuneup. he also wanted me to show him the problems: 1) CIS scan stopped at 13%; 2) disk check stalled at stage 4 ( he said this was normal, i’ve had 15 computers & this stalling is not normal); 3) no internet even though the modem & the desktop had internet; etc. ; so i told him i couldn’t show him the problem i was having & could he look, that’s when he did a tuneup. then he said he was done & i started to have problems.
i uninstalled each item (CIS; geekbuddy; dragon; comodo system cleaner) & restarted after each item. so far, no problems. i do still have microsoft security essentials (& have had this since 5-28-10 when i got this computer new for my birthday,) as it never interferred before when we had comodo; microsoft uses the malware & spyware coverage here as i have no windows defender installed, & everything worked before when we had comodo.

i found one thing when i did the control panel>ad. tools>system & that was “winnit”. i will reinstall comodo internet security again tomorrow or sat. do i have to do the scan all over again ? this is a windows 7 64 bit computer, so i hope CIS is compatable. i want to thank my helpers here, you have helped me alot. i’ll inform you when i reinstall the CIS 2012, but i’ll be back to check my post & keep you updated daily as to what i find in the “system”. chiron & eric, i thank you from the bottom of my heart. i had forgotten so much when Dell walked me thru alot of stuff, i just had to find it again; thanks guys. ;D

CIS is fully compatible with the 64 bits platform so please consider reinstalling it.

The wininit warning you are talking about is that the one for the loading of the guard64.dll? That warning is just a reminder for the system administrator from Windows to make sure that the guard64.dll is a legit file. The guard64.dll gets loaded in every process that runs in Windows; hence the reminder.

When installing things do it one step at a time. Start with CIS and wait for a couple of days with installing Comodo System Cleaner. CSC loads its own driver and could therefor be a source of instability.

You mention having a Dell computer. That probably came with Norton preinstalled. I have noticed that having a left over Norton driver running with CIS installed (uninstaller don’t always do a good job) that slows down a computer.

What was the reason for doing the battery reset procedure? Is that still needed? When you decide to do this I think the booting of Windows must be stalling. Does it stall after BIOS and you will only get a black screen or a cryptic BIOS message? Or do you see Windows boot and then stall during the actual Windows boot?

hi eric. actually the dell was years ago. the HP is my new laptop, the one with problems. i re-installed CIS. iit quit, virus update quit twice & scan wouldn’t run. i went back to where i installed the CIS that has the dragon & geekbuddy, & got on the option one-where comodo installs the CIS; i explained what happened, this is the 3rd time & it crashed twice already, & CIS still isn’t installed. gibson gave me to charles, where they had me do the geekbuddy on the desktop; nothing at this point is installed by CIS pro 2012. charlie worked some, they had me do another CIS, it failed so now andrew is working on it still remotely–4 1/2 hours after this started. i’ll be online-crash; playing hearts-crash; email-crash; just get online-crash; etc. to tell you the truth, i was getting very irate. so, i sit back & wait for andrew to answer or tell me he’s done. man, maybe i should’ve just recovered. i hope these geekbuddies know what they’re doing. so, here is my update to you. i can tell andrew is still working as the computer goes black, i lose andrew but he comes back, so i know he’s still there. will keep you informed when my HP laptop comes back from the dead. :cry: thanks guys

Keep us posted about what’s going on.

Do I understand correctly that various applications you are using are crashing for no apparent reason?

hi. this is a new update, but i am still so mad, let me explain. when i thought the 3 were working on my computer, i found out they weren’t, but instead had the geekbuddy thing pulled up waiting for me to purchase geekbuddy for a year, when i had & have a valid CIS pro 2012 license. the so called “remote lasted 15+ hours” & this morning 2-11-2012 i still had no CIS pro 2012, just geekbuddy & the dragin. so i turned on my firewall & windows defender & went back to the installation page & clicked “i want you to install”. i met matthew briefly & told him jacob was taking over my problem; i stayed online until i knew jacob was with me. he did a remote where i saw everything he was doing & we even talked.

man, give jacob a raise. he stayed with me until it was time to scan, he said he was re-assigning new geekbuddies for if i ever have problems again. jacob fixed the problems & after crying because somebody actually was listening to me about my problems, i am ever so thankful that someone knew what he was doing & didn’t treat me like a piece of garbage.

when somebody like me has computer crashes after the 1st CIS install, removes it, etc.; goes back for 2nd install where she had more problems & i was told to show what was happening (how can i show when it crashes ?) & given a tuneup-that made everything 10 times as bad, then something is wrong. so yesterday after checking the forum to make sure i didn’t forget something, reinstalling CIS i again had 3 crashes in 5 minutes. so, went to geekbuddy where they supposedly did the remote to check for the 15+ hours. at this point, i was ■■■■■■ & irate. they also told me i had to pay for the geekbuddy 1 year service plan. found out they never did the remote thing.

so, this morning, my saviour who i owe a big hug, jacob fixed the problems. he scanned & checked everything for me. at least there is one person on geekbuddy that does care about me as a human. thanks, jacob.

so, thank you guys for your help & assistance. you guys here taught me alot about what to look for & try. thank you all, vickie ;D

Glad to hear one of the Geekbuddy’s was able to fix your problem.

Out of sheer curiosity. Do you recall or sorta recall what the problem(s) was/were that got fixed?