Help please COMODO problems with school website

Hello I go to a community college and I haven’t been able to get onto the schools website only when i’m using the schools WiFi, they use a login protocol before they can use their internet but after I login its supposed to load their school website but it never loads and just times out, I have had this problem for over a year and a half and I just recently figured out that I think it may be COMODO because this guy in my class has COMODO too and he can’t access the website either here, me and that guy are the only two who can’t get on but also the only ones I know that use COMODO here, if you have any idea why it would be doing that please give me an idea of what I can do, I’ve tried going to the tech service at this college but…my experiences with them have been…less than educational…they don’t really know what their talking about…i’m not a complete idiot when it comes to the internet but i’m no pro, if you have any idea’s could you please let me know.

I use Windows 7 and I have COMODO firewall and Internet security and Antivirus installed on this laptop.

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Please try these;msg443793#msg443793;msg486695#msg486695;msg550802#msg550802;msg355033#msg355033