Help please! Comodo freeze [RESOLVED]


I’m a new user of the comodo firewall. Until now I was using ZA but on Windows Vista I was not satisfied with it. Yesterday I decided to install Comodo. I downloaded the last version on site, uninstall ZA and reboot. Then I turned off vista firewall and clean my registry and restarted again. After installing comodo I made the suggested scan and everything was fine. The problem is that now, my pc freeze on start up after 1 min of use and I have to reboot manually. I have nod32 as antivirus and my OS is windows vista business edition 32bits up to date with sp1. The computer is a laptop (toshiba a300)
The programs runing at start-up are
Config free Tray (from toshiba)
Synaptics pointing device
Toshiba power saver
Nod 32
Windows live messenger

Please help me. I’m really very sad cause I really want to use comodo. :-[

Sorry for my poor english


Hey jelmon, Welcome to the forums!

Are you sure you completely uninstalled Zonealarm?

Please uninstall CFP 3 & Reboot. Make sure ZA is completely gone & Windows Firewall is off. Now reinstall CFP 3 again and let me know how things go. There seems to be no possible conflicts with the software on your PC.

Zonealarm Directories:
C:\Program Files\ZoneAlarm.

Delete all the Zonealarm files and folders there.

Hello again.
Thank you for answering so quicly. I uninstalled CFP 3 and did reboot. Next I install ccleaner and another shareware tool for cleaning the registry. I also look for the folders you indicated. Now I’m sure no files related with ZA was missed. I installed CPF 3 again and after reboot the same happened… my pc froze. :frowning:


It might be a conflict then.

Go to Start>Run>Msconfig. Go to Services and make sure “Hide All Microsoft Services” is ticked. Next disable everything besides CFP 3 & NOD32. Do the same thing for the start up tab. Only NOD32 and CFP 3 enabled & Reboot.

See if anything happens there, Trying to narrow down the issue. Also do a virus/spyware scan and report back :slight_smile:


I disabled every service exccept CPF3 and nod32 like you said. I also did the same for the programs on start-up. Next I booted and go to the firewall interface. In the Summary tab it said that there was a problem with the firewall. I made a diagnostic and it repair the problem. I reboot again and now it seems that everything goes fine.
Was the problem of freezing repaired by the diagnostic tool (meaning that i can reactivate all the services) or the problem is yet exisiting and I have to discover what service is causing the problem? What do you think?
Thank you for your help

Then it is certainly something on start up!

I know for sure you don’t need Windows Messenger on start up, But do you need any of the other applications on start up?

If yes, Maybe you can go through each of the programs and see what conflicts with CFP 3. Or try re-enabling the services again.



I know that i don’t need windows messenger on start-up but it’s useful :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, I enabled only the services related with toshiba and it seems everything is ok. CPF 3 is working good. Thanks again for your help. :BNC

I’m now thinking if I have to put the others services to manual or simply let them on disabled. They are maybe needed by other application. Putting them on manual is secure because they will not start on boot but when they will be started by the application maybe it will freeze CPF3 again. I don’t know…

Thank you

Yep. Manual would be the best option. Glad I could help you. CFP 3 is so powerful, Even stops others from working :stuck_out_tongue:

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