Hi (:WAV)

I would like to ask someone how to create a p2p rule for frostwire and bittorrent.
I had read this tutorial:

But im confused because i dont know if this tutorial is for utorrent only.Im planning to make a rule for frostwire and bittorrent and i dont if the tutorial i had read about the method of how to create a rule for utorrent in CFP v3 is also the method to create a rule for bittorrent and frostwire ???

Is the method of creating a rule for utorrent in CFP v3 shown in the tutorial (link above) is also the method of how to create a rule for other p2p apps?Can i use the rule in the tutorial to create a rule for frostwire and bittorrent or not?

Tnx in advance (CNY) (V)

You dont need the same rules for Frostwire cause Frostwire allows for firewall configuring.

oh you mean that frostwire doesnt need any rules?
and how about bittorrent? is the rule for utorrent is the same with the rule for bittorrent?

Not sure about bi torrent but I don’t use bit torrent since they changed. No need for Bittorrent since you have uTorrent.

i dont have utorrent thats why im using bittorrent (:WIN)

Well uTorrent is better so download it and don’t use Bittorrent.

;D i dont utorrent because my settings is messing with with(i had tried and tested utorrent but it is messing with my pc thats why i switched to bittorrent.

now lets go back to my question…

Does the method of making a rule for utorrent shown in the tutorial can also be the method in making a rule for bittorrent and other p2p clients?

It should work. There is no way uTorrent messed up your pc cause it doest even install. All it does is created a desktop shortcut. Alot of Bittorrent things are being watched now. If you look at Bittorrent and uTorrent they are the same program. But more people use uTorrent and its faster.

oh so that rule for utorrent will work for other p2p right?
if thats true,then this is closed (S)