Help - Outbound Network Connection

I could do with some help. I connect to my router wirelessly using WPA2 on my XP Pro SP3 Machine. CIS installed and no other security software. My router’s IP Address is and I’m connected (subnet .

For some reason I get a “New Network Connected” CIS window pop up and then I get a svchost.exe network alert trying to connect to

I’m connecting to router on 2.1 fine, All the security stuff enabled.

** Let me explain a little more. My computer which is set to ONLY connect to Adhoc Access Points and NOT to connect to any available network. My network card seems to randomly connect to another network giving me the IP Address (or something very simular). ( I get the Green Network Connection window). svchost.exe then tries to connect outbound to

I’ll try and catch a screen shot the next time it happens.

Am I being hacked? Why is my computer connecting to this address??? I’ve now worked out how to block the network address and blocked the svchost.exe from connecting to that IP address.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Router = Zyxel P660HWP. I have got an old Linksys as an alternative but I get the same network connection alerts but this doesn’t appear to relate to a router issue.


If you are properly connecting to 192.168.2.x/ then your LAN settings are likely okay. Then that would mean that 192.168.1.x is considered as an Internet (non-LAN) address, as it isn’t within the subnet.

An ad-hoc wireless network? What’s your wireless environment, or are you using ad-hoc simply for the convenience in using multiple hotspots during the course of a busy day?

I’ve been doing some research. I’ve know a little bit more now about ad-hoc networks, to maybe understand what’s happening.

Ad-hoc is a machine-to-machine connection. It isn’t secured, not even WEP is available. It’s basically a minimum configuration.

On that description, it sounds like your network card is making connections because you told it to (when in range of another machine that can do an adhoc connection, go connect). Evidently there is another machine in range in a 192.168.1.x address space, and your machine is dutifully trying to say Hello and getting a CIS block.

I think. That’s my understanding from a bunch of hurried reading during a meal break.

HI Grue, thanks for your help. I’ve done a complete reconfigure and now set my laptop to connect to Access Point Infrastructure Networks Only. The Issue, so far, has not re-appeared. I’ll keep you posted…