Help on sync feature

Just installed Comodo Backup. I think it’s great!

I tryed the sync feature in background and works fine. The only thing I didn’t get is how to make it cancel backed up files that I erase on my computer. Is it possible?



I know this question might have been asked several times, but I need a clear answer…


so much help on the CAV’s forum… no one wishing to spend a few words on this one?

hi dogbert,
you cant cancel a sync job. if the files are deleted you cant retrieve it back in this version of backup.
but you can retrieve all the files you have backed up to the normal by using restore option.

Thanks and Regads

But that’s exactly what I want! If I delete a file on my computer it’s because I don’t need it anymore! A sync feature should delete the backed up copy too, otherwise, in case I need to restore the backup, I’ll have all those deleted files back on my computer!

I hope I explained myself, since I know my english is pretty poor