Help on my PC got this problem for 6 months or so...

i have an annoyying problem with my computer

im always formatting my computer for the past 4 months monthly

because my CPU usage is too high it seems to happen eventually so i had no choice but to reformat it

this was the case I seem to notice it when my system boot takes 2x the usual time

and when i look at my task manager the cpu usage usually reach 70-100% and the cpu usage always stays at
5-20% even when im not running any programs or even if i closed all unnecessary programs

and usually my sound makes choppy sounds i could say that it makes craggy sounds small lapses of sounds

hope anyone can help

let’s start with telling us your comp spec,OS & security softwares installed on your “haunted” computer :slight_smile:
then maybe someone could help (:TNG)

There are no females in here to impress, Ganda (unless debmarcley is one).

Welcome to the forum, debmarcley. You can also check the Event Viewer logs to see if somethin’s up, assuming your platform is Windows.

A tragedy worthy of a play by Shakespeare or Euripides…

768 MB of RAM
128 GeForce FX5200 Video Card

the SOftwares that i use are BITDEFENDER total security 2008 Tune UP utilities 2008 System Mechanic 7 PRO

I’ve already formatted my computer yesterday because of that stupid virus it also happened to my brothers PC

I tried searching the task manager for suspicious files or tasks but to no avail i havent found any except tasks that are necessary for windows

my cpu usage always shows 10-30% but the system idle process shows 94-99%

and as i said my computer takes almost a minute at startup before windows shows after the CMOS Screen

and then when i launch a single program my cpu usage always reaches 100% mostly at 70%-100%

and when i use WInamp and launch any game that i want to play the sounds seems to stop a bit from time to time

that’s it hope anyone can help

Tune UP utilities 2008 System Mechanic 7 PRO
Are you sure these aren't deleting something important? How do you use them, and for what purpose?

A good program you should try is ERUNT.
It backs up your registry, and allows you to restore it. Read the text file, it’s small and explains how it works.
You could try it like this: before you run TU or SM, backup the registry, run them, reboot. If the problem appears, restore the registry and don’t use the program that made it happen.

If you think you could be infected, then try Dr.Web Cureit (no install) and SuperAntispyware (freee version can scan and clean).

A format, although painful, can be useful. But you should try to figure out why the problem arises.

I’m not an expert by a long shot, but i just wanted to provide my opinion.

That doesn’t fit the mathematical equation. System Idle Process represents the amount of cpu not currently being used. If it’s 99%, it means your computer is idle and “nothing” is happening. But let’s say during the moments that you do see it being 10-30%, what process(es) are currently sucking those percentages?

Just to clarify, this is during the boot sequence even before the OS (Windows) has initiated? If it is, you might want to double-check your BIOS settings.

Almost all programs reach 100% when it loads during the first couple of seconds, but how long does yours stay that high? The larger the program, the longer it stays.

thanks for the reply s ill try what you guys are suggesting

as I said my cpu usage always shows 10-30% while the system idle process shows 94-99%
well’ all i can say that it’s what it displays i forgot to type that it’s kinda funny for it to be like that

i dont think it’s the BIOS because after i formatted my Computer it’s back to normal
well it takes a minute when the first windows screen shows up not before the windows starts

all the time the cpu usage reaches 70-100% even when the system idle is at 94-99% dont you guys think its funny
or strange
well’ when this cursed thing happens to my PC again I’ll be sure to take screenshots

These are two situations. What happened in between, it started right away, after 1 boot, several boots?

Exactly. Formatting or reformatting usually only affects the OS, whereas the BIOS is a special software section of your computer that loads before almost everything else.

A screenshot of what you tend to see would be golden. Maximize the task manager if you have to so we can see what files/processes are eating that CPU.