help on how to unblock unknown dll

I mistakenly mouse clicked to block a component that is part of photoshop when I ran it for the first time after updating to V3… now I can not run photoshop unless I turn off the firewall. is there a way to fix this mistake or do I need to un-install Comodo and then start over [un-installing photoshop and reinatalling did not work]

thank you for any help

You will have to locate the dll in the Defense+>Advanced>Computer Security Policy page. Once you find it, select it and click Remove. That will remove the block. The next time you run Photoshop, you will get an Allow pop-up, and you can just click Allow. If, for some reason, the dll needs more access rights, you can Edit the entry (locate it as above) or just Remove it again and select “Treat this application as…” and select “Trusted Application” on the next Allow pop-up dialog.