Help on Configuration for 2 Networks on same PC

Hi there,

I need help to configure the Firewall. I have just moved from ZA and I am a bit “lost”.

I have two Networks on my PC: Wi-Fi to access the Internet (High-Level Security) and Ethernet to share files with other PCs at home (Mid-Level Security). When I installed COMODO and it recognised the two Networks, I defined every Network type by checking the proper option… Now, revising the configuration, I see that everyting is allowed from and to the LAN Network, but I just want to share files, and block all the rest. Taking a look to the protocols, I see something like TCP, UDP, ICM, IGM, RawIP, PUP, GGP and many others… What should I choose in order to allow “sharing files” exclusively?

Besides this, any other suggestion in order to get the best protection for a newbie?

Thanx in advance.

I’m no expert, but I think you would just delete the network rules in:
network security policy → global rules
Eg. ‘Allow All Outgoing Requests If The Target Is In [network name]’

Then in network security policy → application rules
Find ‘system’ in the list and delete rules like:
‘Allow System To Send Requests If The Target Is In [network name]’

This will not allow any communication between the PC’s on your network.

method 1)
So then in: network security policy → advanced → behaviour settings
put the firewall in ‘safe mode’ and use the network to share files and print.
After a few popups, comodo should have learnt all about file-sharing/printing
on your network, and created rules to allow it.

You can then keep the firewall in ‘safe mode’, or turn it up to ‘custom’.
Both modes are safe enough IMO.

method 2)
Or you can manually make rules for ‘system’ to open ports 135-139 & 445,
for both UDP and TCP, both in and out, for your network zone.

As I say, I’m also new to comodo, but that’s how I’d start to try to tackle the problem.