Help!!! Newbie Blue Screen....Dead

Okay it’s my first post so be gentle. Two days ago I loaded ccleaner, Spybot, and Comodo Firewall and all of the world was good. I got up this morning and I had a blue screen with the following note:

"*** STOP: 0x0000007F (0x00000000,0x00000000, 0x00000000) UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP

If this is the first time you’ve seen this Stop error screen, restart your computer. If this screen appears again, folow these steps:

Run a diagnostic utility supplied by your hardware manufacturer. In particular, run a memory check, and check for faulty or mismatched memory. Try changing video adapters.

Disable or remove any newly installed hardware and drivers, Disable or remove any newly installed software. If you need to use Safe Mode to remove or disable components, restart your computer, press F8 to select Advanced Startup Options, and then select Safe Mode.

Refer to your Getting Started manual for more information on troubleshooting Stop errors."

Well…I’m not a computer expert but here is what I am working with:

Dell Lattitude C600
Windows 2000
Norton Anti-Virus

Did I overload the 'puter with the new software? Anyone else had this problem? Help needed… (:SAD)

You could post a minidump file here(not sure how many that got help tho :P):

Or else, i found this on Google, so you might want to try it:


Did you reboot after installing each software?

Have you rebooted since the BSOD incident this morning? If so, does it (the BSOD/Blue Screen of Death) reoccur?

Was what you posted all the message the BSOD gave? No further info showing below that referencing any specific drivers or anything?

If you navigate to c:\Windows\Minidump, you should find a .dmp file named “mini” followed by the date. You may compress/archive that to a .zip format via right-click/context menu and attach it to the bottom of your post (under “Additional Options”) in the “please add your minidump files here” thread that Ragwing linked. This way the dev team will be sure to see it.

Hopefully this is just a one-off occurrence, and won’t happen again. Fingers crossed…


More info:
after you install the GDI security update 925902

Hope that helps,

Yep, I agree with Allan. I just came to post the very same thing (just been running AutoPatcher & looked at the KB patch for it). Welcome to the forums btw Fattdaddyo.

Yep…I rebooted after each install and I have tried to reboot multiple times with the same results.

However now, I am getting a message that says my “BIOS in this system is not fully ACPI spec. compliant.” It says I need an updated BIOS. It says if my vendor is not ACPI compliant that I can turn off ACPI mode during text mode setup by pressing F7.

I am running it on battery right now so I can read the screen and type. It gives a beep…and goes to sleep.

Thanks for the welcome and the advise. Right now I am looking at the BSOD. Nice accronym (:CLP)

I’ll see if I can work some of the recs above.

Okay another note. The reason I downloaded new protection software was because I got a Trojan that Norton could not get rid of. Norton just called it “Downloader”. However after dropping Norton and installing Kaspersky, Kaspersky called it Win32.Trojan.ahj (or sumfin close to that) with info like:

Running module C4FC6650\C4FC6650

and could not get rid of it.

I installed Spybot and Spybot grabbed it. I am doing this from memory so bear with me hear… I may have deleted after a day or so. Is this the source of my problem? Did I drop a C4FC6650.dll that was critical to start up of sumfin? Not sure I did…just opening the possibilities.

I’ll read more from the links above and get back.

Is Kaspersky still installed?

If so, this may be the cause of the problem. Or maybe not… At any rate, there are some apparent conflicts between KAV (and the free AOL version, AVS) and many firewalls, including CFP. These conflicts vary in symptom ranging from irritation to system instability, loss of connectivity, and failure of the FW to work properly. A relatively simple test would be to uninstall one or the other and see if the problem goes away.

Comodo has stated that they are aware of the conflict (and apparently know the cause) and have stated that CFP v3 should not be susceptible. Another user recently reported that they upgraded KAV to v 7.125 and their problems went away. That version, I believe, is a Beta at this point, and not publicly released; perhaps Kaspersky is also aware of the problem and is taking steps to rectify it.


Yep…still running everything. I haven’t figured out to do anything with the BSOD. The only thing I can do at this point to use F8 during start up and look around. If anyone has any reccomendations from the F8 field, I’ll take 'em. Still reading the other sources above.

PS. I tried to open in Safe Mode and I get the BSOD again.

Do you have a rescue/utility disk that will allow you to access things outside of being logged in to Windows?

I presume you have XP as your operating system; do you keep System Restore active? If so, F8 should provide the option to Restore to a previous point; perhaps that will work to get you back in…


I certainly do not want to further confuse the issue and I’m no saying that the following is the cause of your BSOD, but I feel I must mention it;
after unusual Windows behaviour, crashes, warnings of missing dll files, problems with WMP and Microsoft Updating;
all this over a period of several months, I started to run my own little investigation; after a lot of browsing and help from a number of sites:
security forums, technical help forums and googling until my eyes hurt, and checking out for the upteen time all software installed, I was able to narrow the problem down to CCleaner.
It’s not my intention to knock CCleaner down, but the truth is that ever since I unistalled CCleaner I have never continued to have the above problems. You see programs such as CCleaner delete certain hidden folders in Windows in an attempt to remove unwanted files form your computer and
this will obviously mess up your OS. I have since been very, very carefull about running cleaners on my computer, especially those that clean the registry of “obsolete files”.

Greetings, Fattdaddyo!

If its Kaspersky AntiVirus is pirate, perhaps, this also is the origin of the problem. It tries the Avast 4 Home Edition and SUPERAntiSpyware Free.

Avast 4 Home Edition (English version)

SUPERAntiSpyware Free (English version)


Just to follow up on the BSOD. Total re-image was required after my IT admin friend spent about 3 hrs on the 'puter.

In the end, that laptop was lost in the Southern California Wildfires with the rest of my possesions. So a new laptop is on the way. Along with hardwood floors and granite counter tops. WooHoo! :BNC