Help needed

I need to install an OLD version of Comodo Firewall for a Windows 7 with 64-bit system.

Now, I have the original file from Comodo (cfw_installer.exe) that I also was using on a 32-bit Win7 system.
This is the file and can be downloaded here :

The problem is that I DO NOT know if this file is compatible to install and use on a 64-bit (Windows 7).

Can anyone help me ?

I tried to run the installer on my 64 bits Win 10 Insider (build 17025) and it says it says doesn’t work on this version of Windows. I see it is a copy of v 5.12.

What happens when you try to install it on your Win 7 x64?

I didn’t tried to install it yet, thinking to not mess something on the system or a problematic protection in case of some incompatibility.

Version 5.12 is compatible with Windows 7 SP1. It should not be a problem to install it.

Finally, I decided to install the latest version of Comodo Internet Security 10 after I saw great reviews on Youtube from The PC Security Channel [TPSC] and Malware Blocker channel.

Specifically those 2 videos :

and here :

On my last system (the 32-bit Win7) I was using a combination of Avast Free Antivirus + Comodo Firewall. But I had some problem with a BSOD after both programs intercept a file (exactly when system was starting). So I entered safe mode and uninstall Avast, then the BSOD was gone.
So, now, I trust Comodo’s CIS enough that I put all active security in his hands.

I will see how this works out.

Thanks again.