Help needed with Firewall Events Log.

A couple of days ago I uninstalled Comodo CIS v579 via REVO and did a clean install of v581. I have a cable broadband connection via Virgin Media here in the UK and have for a long time now since v3.8 set a specific Global rule for ports 67 & 68 in order for my IP address renewal. I have always had the log this rule box checked but have never seen it being logged every 3-4 minutes as it seems to be doing now. Could someone with more knowledge have a look at the included log and offer any advice on this. My system is Windows XP Home SP3 up to date. It is a standalone desk top PC connected to the internet via a fast ethernet cable modem with no router that I know of.

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To get less alerts you can disable the logging of the traffic for port 67/68 (Bootstrap). The other blocked traffic is just the firewall doing its job. Blocking unsolicited incoming traffic.

Thanks for the reply ErichJH, I understand that, but what would be the reason for so many alerts?. On my previous install there were never ever so many.

I remember from another topic you opened that you used have a router present when sharing your connection with your son. The router in between would then stop all the unsolicited incoming traffic before it would be stopped by the firewall.

The amount of alerts is nothing to worry about. It’s the “background noise” of the web that used to be filtered by the presence of a router.

You are fine and safe.