Help needed with comodo

HI im sorry if i have posted in the wrong forum i searched this question but did not find a answer well after spending hours cleaning my computer 6 hours i installed comodo internet security free which i think is the best in the world but few propblems using it i have read tutorials and watched videos but heres my problem

i nstalled comodo and did a pre scan before installing as comodo said you may have had malware before installing comodo so i did the scan it was roughy a hour no problems came up all was clean then a logo came up on windows secruity center comod reports it is out of date please update so i started to update then came a alert from comodo firewall system is trying to acesss system is a safe file but it will connect to a computer outside so i allowed then updated then i wanted to install sandboxie as i read very good things about sandboxie ie wanted to create a setup folder so i allowed for setup of sandboxie then as soon as this firewall alert again svc host is trying to connect this is a very high risk so i blocked and since then looked in blocked and there was about 10 svc hosts with differents ip address and i kept getting popups from firewall svc host trying to connect now is sandboxie got a virus that tried to mess up my pc please help thanks i will also want to know if ou guys use super anti spyware and any other applications for maxium secruity setup please help for example i have installed geswall well this work fine with omodo and what else comobo can i use for example can i use malware bytes and site advisor etc


Welcome to the Forum, Kamy.

Svchost and System both should be set to ‘Outgoing only’ in the firewall. You can change this rule by going to Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy. Locate and select Scvhost.exe, and click ‘Edit’. Select ‘Use a predefined policy’ and select ‘Outgoing only’ from the dropdown box. Click ‘Apply’, and click ‘Ok’ on the firewall rules.

As for SAS and MBAM, both run fine with CIS.
Site Advisor is a browser plugin, It will work ok on your setup.

Also, see this link to increase the protection CIS is capable of.

:slight_smile: thakyou very much john you have helped me and made me very happy thanks btw what about the rest of the alerts

taskeng.exe is a safe application signed by microsoft however the executable MCDcheck.exe could not be recognized please submit to comodo for analysis

explorer.exe is a safe application signed by microsoft how ever sa setup64 could not be verified please submit to comodo for analysis

please help and in all three cases there is no submit button but do i really have to submit these files

MCDcheck.exe - Master Setup CD Mount Checker. Starts every time you start your computer.

Google the files you are not sure of.
You do not have to submit the files every time, especially since the alert does not offer the option to do so.