help needed! upgrading from CFW to CIS??

Is it possible to upgrade from CFW to CIS via installer??

I mean…can i run the installer directly over CFW?? will it work fine??

If so can be done…can i get the exact steps on how to do so??

thankyou all :smiley:

All of the installers for the various configurations contain all of the components that make up Comodo Internet Security.

So if you have downloaded the firewall only installer, the installer already contains the antivirus.

All you need to do is click the Start button, then Programs → Comodo → Comodo Firewall, and select Add and Remove Components. Using the wizard you can add the AV to your installation and you will have Comodo Internet Security.

I’m going to move this post from the Beta Corner to the Help forum.

thankyou so much!!! :rocks:

You’re welcome.