HELP needed to setup UPnP rules

I installed the COMODO firewall. I can see my UPnP device icons on the Local Network folder. However, when I try to display the properties of the router icon, it tells me that the device is not available!!!

How do I need to set up the firewall [rules] to allow the router (Linksys WRT54GL) UPnP interface to work properly? FYI, the web interface to the router works just fine. It is the UPnP interface that does not seeem to work.


Mine displays properties information properly and I didn’t set up anything special with CIS to allow access.
Anyone else seen this happen and able to offer suggestions?

You might be interested in reading this.

I use Vista. It was last updated last spring, but says nothing about this security hole in anything but XP.

If making the LAN a Trusted Network Zone doesn’t work.
The UPnP framework uses UDP port 1900 and TCP port 2869.

Try global rules UDP In/Out 1900 LAN LAN
TCP In/Out 2869 LAN LAN

The security risk is more without a router.
Keep it confined to the LAN.