"HELP NEEDED" Problem with ESigil.dll Content Verification

I appologize if this is in the wrong section…Posibly it should be in “Verification Engine” section. (:SAD)
Recently I have been unable to effectively view my Capital One Website to monitor account or interact with customer service… Internet Explorer keeps closing with following message:

Internet Explorer has encountered a problem with an Add-on and needs to close. (:AGY)
The following Add-on was running when the problem occured.

Add-on Name: ESigil.dll
Company Name: Comodo CA Limited
Add-on Description: Enables Content Verification

I am running Internet Explorer 7 and CPF v. (B)
and: VE

I would greatly appreciate some direction from one of our ‘Great Mods’ with this issue; as obviously I need to have access to this Website and all its relative links :SMLR

Thanks in advance (:KWL)


If you have updated to the latest version of VE and it is only happening with this one site, then I’d recommend that you go to http://support.comodo.com (the official support centre), register and lodge a support ticket on this.

Can you please post the results back here, for the benefit of others.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I will do that! (:WIN)

Thanks Ewen (:KWL)

Hi wilpower

Could you supply a url of where this occurs? Does it occur in any of the public areas?

Shane. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if I’m following the correct protocols by posting to another contributor’s thread as I’m new to Comodo. Check out my user-name and you’ll understand why I enthusiastically embrace the Comodo philosophy/paradigm.
:BNC(L) (:CLP)(R) (:AGL) (J) (:LOV) (V) (:KWL) (B)

Anyway, the reason that I’m on this thread.

I’m having the same problem as WillPower but on any site accessed through Internet Explorer.
Whenever I attempt to close a tab or a window in IE7 I get exactly the same message as WP.

The only solution that I have found so far is to uninstall the verification engine.
However, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that it’s Microsoft’s fault so I came here to see if any body had got to the botttom of the problem.

I’m surprised to see that three months have gone by without the resolution showing up on this thread.
So what’s the hold up?

I s’pose I’ll have to give Firefox a tryout.