Help needed on runing a simple program from my usb jump drive with comodo

HI all how do i make a rule for the two programs that i run of my usb jump drive without getting mass pop ups from D+ any help appreciated thank you. the programs are CPUZ And HWMonitor

I only got a couple pop ups and one policy for CPU-Z on my desktop, not sure about HWMonitor. However, if you get an answer I’d appreciate it. I have Gimp on USB is it’s absolutely ridiculous as it has a ton of extensions which takes good 10-15 minutes for D+ to settle down.

Removable drives, and the apps on them, cannot be considered trusted by CFP. This is due to their transient nature. CFP cannot allow apps to be run from removable medai as “trusted” as they could have been modified when run on a non-CFP protected PC.

Ewen :slight_smile:

ok so my best bet is to do as i have Been just click allow thanks panic :slight_smile:

I’ve been using Comodo for a while - But never really thought about running programs from USB until recently & yes I admit the constant popups for ‘trusted applications’ on a USB stick is annoying

Here’s a tip, IF you are 99% sure that the program you’re running is OK then when asked - select the ‘Installation or updater’ option

You don’t get all the annoying pop-ups

  • the only one you get is after a while you will be asked if you want to switch back to ‘normal’ mode

Update to ‘problem’ - 14-01-09
Been looking into this & although you still get a few pop-ups, especially when programs run from USB require ‘Tempoary’ access to registry/harddrive etc - it seems that by doing the following the number of pop-up seems to be reduced

Of course any Comodo Developer may be able to confirm or deny this

Anyway - this is what I tried, & so far it looks good

  • Open Comodo [v3] (I’m using just the firewall version)
    Select ‘Defence+’ > [Common Tasks] > ‘My Own Safe Files’ > [Add] > ‘Browse Files’

In the left hand windows browse to your USB drive, & onto the Program folder of the one you want to add

  • Click on the [->] between the windows to copy over the folder to the right hand side
    Make sure that ‘Include files from subfolder too’ is selected
    Click [Apply]

All the files then will be added to your ‘Safe Files’ & when opening the program you are not asked constantly for ‘allowing program access to file’ - if, as I said early, the program requires access to the actual PC side of things (like adding/modifying a registry entry) you will still get a pop up for it

Note that this only works IF your USB drive always shows up as the same drive letter when plugged in