Help needed - Lots of firewall events

Hi, my Comodo firewall has start reporting many firewall events continuously like in the attached file. Is this a serious probleM? How can I fix it? I have run several anti-virus software and found no virus. But due to these events, my internet connection seems being interrupted and slowed down…

Any help will be very appreciated.

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These attempts to inbound connections happened often after P2P sessions. The other members don’t know that you have disconnect and try to continue to share. As no particular process is listening, WOS take the lead.

thank you, Boris.
So I should let Comodo FW works as it is, right?
I do not use P2P but these always happen when I feed films/videos over internet. As these sites are free, maybe someone try to access my pc?

Kind regards

After stopping a p2p session it will take several hours before the incoming traffic stops. It takes time before all systems on the peer to peer network figured out you are off line.

That is normal behaviour and as such nothing to worry about. The firewall is blocking the traffic for which no longer an application is listening.

Hi, Eric

Thank you for your comments.