Help needed in turning off application behaviour analysis

I have been testing Comodo for a few weeks now because my original firewall did not support port definition of application IP rules. My problem is that I wanted to migrate this to both my wifes PC and a PC which runs an unattended application. The problem I have is that I want the firewall to run silently like my old one used to, otherwise I will have to keep checking my unattended PC to frequently. I tried disabling Application Behaviour but it is still popping up alerts. This is most annoying and my wife who has little patience with PC’s at the best of times will simply tell me to shut it off as it gets in the way. I quite like Comodo but this is really annoying behaviour as I expected the turn off to override any already created rules. Does this mean that I have to edit every rule and turn off parent checking? Since I run anti-virus software anyway I dont have a problem with virii etc.

Hi broadstairs, Open Comodo and click on Security > Advanced, under Miscellaneous click on Configure. You can then uncheck enable alerts and/or set the Alert Frequency Level to Very Low.

Hope this resolves your problem. HL

Well this seems to apply to everything. I want alarts if a program changes or a new program attempts to connect to the internet. The only thing I want to do is to turn off this parent checking or application behaviour analysis, I do not want to turn off anything else. What you are suggesting sounds like I will not get any alerts which is not what I want.


Your best option then is to set the alert frequency to very low as at this frequency the firewall will only show one alert an application. Also don’t forget to check ‘remember’ each time you allow an application. regards HL