Help Needed Comodo Firewall is UNABLE to recognize the wireless internet modem!

So you are telling me,even if WiMax adapter isn’t being recognized by Comodo firewall I am still being protected by a firewall…completelly?

A Network Zone, by itself, doesn’t mean anything, they’re simply used to define networks that you may or may not attach to. Once a zone is created, either automatically or manually, they can be used in firewall rules.

With CIS, when it detects a network connection and issues an alert, you have a choice of Home, Work or Public. In each case a zone is created with the appropriate name, however, it’s only Home and Work zones that are automatically used in rules and these rules simply allow for file and printer sharing on the local subnet.

So, to answer your question, yes, you are fully protected without a zone.

That’s the good news ;D Thanks for the help guys! And if anyone still has an idea how to work out this issue and make comodo detect Wimax automatically pls let me know thanx!

It would be interesting to see if that adapter behaved the same on windows 7 or 8.
which is a completely different situation than XP.