help my security and firewall issues

  1. i use umts-internet with my mobile phone. everytime i connect i get the message “detected new network zone”. so i unchecked this option. am i still safe now?

  2. does defense+ interact with my other security programs: antivir, spybot, truecrypt. can i deactivate defense+ completely?
    there were about 5000 pending files. that’s alot, so i purged em. whats the difference between purge and remove?

  3. can i feel safe with these programs. i also have xp service pack2 with all updates.

  4. anonymizer-software: am i really “glassy” and is my “identity stolen” like the software says? i mean, i never post my creditcard # somewhere, but I’m using forums, chats; erotic & illegal content too.
    actually i use a generated proxy-list to post anonymously.

  5. is it important not to use windows-admin-account when using the internet, though i have these programs installed?

  6. who is right? some ppl say that software firewalls are shit. others say that its good software. havent got the money to build hardware firewall.

  • The version of Comodo Firewall Pro Installed

  • How you are logging in to the OS (Admin, User)


Yes. There’s no need for CFP 3 to create a trusted network each time you boot your PC.

Defense+ will, like with all other softwares, alert you about program operations (like keyboard access, protected files etc.).
To completely disable Defense+, go to Defense+AdvancedDefense+ Settings and check the box that says Deactivate the Defense+ permanently (Requires a system restart.

Purge will remove non-existing files from the list, while Remove will delete custom files that you select.

Yes, it looks like a nice setup of security softwares. Just rememeber to keep them up-to-date :wink:

It hides your IP, but it’s still possible to trace it back to you. Also, if the owner of the proxy uses it for bad purposes, he/she can log all your traffic. Using a proxy won’t protect you from malware and slows down your connection speed, so I don’t see any good reason to use it. If you don’t do anything that’s illegal, there’s no need to use a proxy.

I’ve been using the admin account since I started to use Windows XP, and I haven’t had any malware ruining my PC. But if you download lots of software from the P2P-network, you might suffer more serious damage if you run on an admin account rather than a limited account. But for general browsing, admin account is almost just as safe as a limited account. The chance is close to 0to get infected if you visit the same websites every day, and use a software firewall and up-to-date anti-virus (and other anti-malware products).

Software firewalls does what hardware firewalls and the built-in Windows Firewall doesn’t, it offers outbound protections. If you would get infected, only a software firewall will be able to stop it from connecting to the Internet.

Global rules looks fine, tho I would prefer Allow TCP/UDP Out instead of Allow IP Out.

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  1. well i hit “remove” not purge. but there was no confirm message. and my system seems not to miss those 5k files. and i am unsure about if i send my files to you. how long would it need with my umts connection, or are just the filenames submitted?

  2. so i will continue using admin acc - for all. but i need a guest account anyway with my win xp pro sp2 for guests. i have just problems editing the rights with gpedit.msc → its too complex even for a full-time-addicted user like me.
    so i ask you. any tools except microsoft steadystate availble?
    and how to safe the pc from live-cd-booting (=ntfs-killer) without using slowing down system encryption?


The whole file is transfered if I’m not wrong, since there can be thousand different files with the same name.

I have no experience with Windows SteadyState, so as I don’t know for sure what it does, I can’t name another similiar software.

i meant “senT”. so i didn’t send them to you, neither removed em. i think.

well steadystate is a ms tool that is good for e.g. internet cafes, coz the computer is reset to normal state after reboot. i dont need this, but i want to make my pc safe for guests. and win xp account (=ntfs) security sucks.

id would be good to encrypt whole system partition - but than playing games is not possible

if this is not possible - and i already considered - changing to linux. oO