help my paranoias... it feels so bad.. (i'm not kidding its serious)

“Creating Trust Online” that’s my topic. please answer in easy english, seriously!

I always used firewalls (zonealarm, comodo; standard configuration) and antivirus software.
Never really had problems. My problem is that i fear possible coming problems in the future!

here my (paranoid maybe) questions:

  1. i never used anonymizing software. i actually use proxys, generated by a proxy list. am i really “glassy” and is my “identity stolen” like the software says? i mean, i never post my creditcard # somewhere, but I’m using forums, chats; erotic & illegal content too.

  2. is it maybe even more dangerous to surf over proxy? i mean, when you login somewhere, then the hoster of the proxy can listen your login data when its not SSL’d? then for example search google for my username,and login to other accounts of me knowing the password. and when i change my nick, they search for <old_nick> “has been changed” . oO

  3. fuck that constant mac-adress, i need more anonimity. are anonymizer progs / proxies senseless because of this ?! is it possible to change mac #?

  4. i’m using UMTS internet, but have an ip-adress-pool of 2, so always the same ip. i remarked that sometimes i get the message “already clicked this link” so another client is using the same adress pool? would be more good than bad, coz when microsoft writes me a letter (did update with cracked version, installed wgatool [look wikipedia WTF WGA ALL COLLECTS OF DATA; SCARING!!] ), then i could say “didn’t do it, was somebody else with same ip”.

  5. does spybot search & destroy detect WGA check tool ?

Thanks for Answers

I don’t know too much about proxies but…

Yeah, they should be able to log all your unencrypted traffic.

Open Control Panel, click Adminastrive ToolsComputer Management. Now click Device Manager in the left tab.
Find your network adapter, then right-click it and choose Properties. Now go to the Advanced-tab.
Click Network Adress and change it to anything you like (00-00-00-00-00-00 doesn’t work tho).


Changing Mac-Address is not possible, because i use my mobile phone for umts-internet. is it possible to change the addresse there? and why is it possible to find out the mac# when using eMule etc., and not at usual browsing?

is it important not to use windows-admin-account when using the internet, though i have comodo + antivir + newest updates? too much work to change the rights etc.
there are alot of different sources. some say “F*** software firewalls”, others say “nice prog”.

when i use proxies to surf anonymously, what is then the ip-address when using flashfxp, winamp, onlinegames etc. ?

there is a screen saver called “antistasi 2.0”. it starts and then surfs different websites - 5000 per hour. the problem is that i haven’t got a flatrate. are there better ways to flood the ISP server and make it hard to browse my history?

thx for answer ragwing.

What IS dangerous is admitting in writing that you did anything even remotely “illegal” .
90% of all “criminals” are convicted on their own testimony .