Help!My computer don't login to Window

CTM warning “Dost not enought diskpace,please delete needless snapshot…”,i removed needless snapshot and restart my pc,but don’t login to Window,CTM only show “UPdating data…”.I waitted for long time,so how do i fix this problem?Thanks

P/S:I’m Vietnamese,sorry for my poor English

No one help me?

Hey and warm Welcome to comod’s forums

I have never used CTM. There are people that use/used CTM and they will help you.

Can you tell me what OS you have, how big hard disk do you have? Which version of CTM do use.

I will install it and experiment.

Valentin N

I use OS XP pro sp3,diskspace 20GB,feespace 3,3GB,CTM version 2.4.Thanks for your scaring

Without much knowledge I recommend you to upgrade you hard disk. I am playing with CTM 2.8 in a virtual machine, just as we speak. I will make back when I have made a snapshot. 3,3 Gb is not much space. If you have the possibly upgrade harddisk.

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and thanks EricJH

Valentin N

Buying a new hard drive is not going to help with the problem on this hard drive

Can you start the CTM console when the computer starts? You can enter the console by pushing the Home key after the BIOS started.

When you are in the console choose Compact. It will ask if you want to delete snapshots. May be that can help you. See attached image.

The Comodo forums also have a Vietnamese sub board in case you want to use your native language.

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Thanks Valentin N& EricJH
I deteleted snapshots in Window,and restarted PC,but i press “Home” key,display only show “Updating data…4%”.So how do i login Window without CTM Console?My hard drive have important datas.

I am not very experienced with CTM. So, I asked the other mods to come and take a look to help.

Can you boot in Safe Mode? How to get into Safe Mode? When the BIOS is almost finished start tapping the F8 button. Then you should get a screen with boot options. Once you are in safe mode you should be able to access your data.

I have tried to safe mode,boot from USB flash,but no sucessful.I think another ways,remove hard drive and add to another PC,then remove that okey?

I have no experience but I don’t think it will change anything; the OS and CTM is on your current hard drive.



To shed a little light through a dusty window

You’ll need to run the fixmbr command from recovery console.
To do this: grab a windows XP disc, boot from it and once asked if you want to install xp or repair etc.
press R for repair,
follow the instructions displayed
once at the prompt type in

Once completed, type in ‘exit’ then
continue to remove CTM or reinstall if you wish

Hope this helps!


Thanks for your help Jacob.

Jacob post a possible “solution”.
Version 2.8, when removed, restore the computer to baseline (the state when you’ve installed CTM) and you CAN’T recover files, data, documents changed/created after that.
Version 2.9 (Beta), when removed, restore the protected disks to the last snapshot, i.e., the current state of the computer.
Do you remember which version you were using?
Also, take a look here:


I am using window xp with 500gb harddisk. I tried to uninstall CTM and it had similar problem. It hangs there with “updating data” at 4% and cannot boot into windows.
Just want to know if Jacob’s solution work or not.

Thanks !

My problem appear solved (hopefully).
I tried to reboot (ctl-alt-del) the computer everytime it stopped “updating data”. Each time it updated tiny little bit and after ~50 times of reboot (may be more, call me crazy/stupid/desperate). It finally boot into windows and successfully uninstall this GD CTM.
Start reboot everytime the harddisk become silent (updating data make some noise for my HD) or the text “XXXMb/min XXX/XXXMb” appeared under the bar (X are variables).
Updating data is slower at the beginning and faster in the latter phase.
Good luck !
It was really a nightmare !!!

Hi… wlwlam, I think Jacob’s solution will work for you ! (ha… Just before I post U solved ur problem)

I’ve read a few posts by folks who uninstalled CTM2.8 in Windows Console n ran into problems. So I think from now on folks who want to uninstall CTM should do it in the boot-up sub-console. (pressing ‘Home’ key on computer boot-up right after Bios-Checking finished)

Also I read a post from ‘Tech’ that uninstall CTM2.8 will bring the system settings back to “baseline”. Is that True ? If so, it’s a major fault in 2.8 and really Bad news for those who installed it ! (That means if one installed 2.8 half yr. ago n if he uninstalled it now and “Poor him” would get his system back to what it was 6 months ago.) That would be very Frustrating !

So I highly recommend people to use 2.9Beta. It uninstalls “To Present State”. And a lot of prior bugs have been fixed in this latest beta version. One Final Word~ Good Luck to those who Use CTM (including myself :wink: )

In correct uninstalling you can choose where to uninstall to.
If a problem occurs and you need to “remove” CTM (restore MBR), you’ll go to baseline.

Version 2.9 brings the computer to actual state.

No, not this… The baseline is immediately before installing not “months” ago…

Thanks for clarifying, Tech… U’re the Experienced User of CTM.

“The baseline is immediately before installing not “months” ago…” — Isn’t “baseline” referred to the state right before one installs CTM ? So if one installed CTM 6 months ago then “baseline” is what the system was like 6 months ago (in that particular incident). That’s what I meant !

Also how long for U to roll-back a snapshot Now ? U once said 2.9 took much longer to roll-back (25-30mins, excluding “baseline” which was very fast). Another person said she took 4 mins. Wonder why such hugh difference !

Maybe I’ve misunderstood your posts. Sorry.

I’m not using CTM anymore.
Comodo must convince me again to use it.
I do not use abandonwares…

Tech, Sorry to learn CTM users have temporarily lost a Comrade…

2.9beta is the first version I installed on my machine, just as one of a last resort in case sth. detrimental happened on the system partition. I know the mechanics of this n similar software (Rollback Rx n Eaz-Fix etc.) n use it with caution…

Had 2.9beta worked reasonably well for you ? No problem with installation/rolling-back or uninstallation ? Also if Avast kept on the system drive, any problem in rolling-back ?
Surely hope CTM won’t turn into an Abandonware …
Good day