Help MY Anti virus freezes when it scanning

Hi guys
Im wonder if you could help me out here
whilst running My san I noticed it got froze on a specific system file.
it pauses ok but it wouldnt close i had to manually reboot the computer to shut it down
any help would be welcome

i altered the dep but its still getting stuck on the pci.sys when it scans
is there anybody here who is experiencing this problem

problem solved

Had to Uninstall it then reinstall it without the antivirus
then installed avira instead 88)

Were you using the v3.8? It should be solved with the latest v3.9.

i dont know what it was
i acquired it from your web site
presuming that it was recent edition

By Getting Under The Miscellaneous Tab And By Selecting The Option About. It Will Come With An Window Like This Where You Can Check Your Product Version

[attachment deleted by admin]

ok done that here is the version number it 3.9

DBCC6792D55C49478F90D14621E96D9F thats the serial number

see if it is 3.9.95478.509 build bcoz that latest version 3.9.xxxxx.507 also had some issues which been fixed in 509 build and so far for many people its working fine, i m also using same without any problem (with antivirus also working properly).
you installed avira antivirus and its working fine so no problems either.

the Version number is 3.9.95478.509
yes the avira working fine it doesnt do a prolong scan on that pci.sys file

as u stated pci.sys file scan get prolong scan i done test in my pc, i m using build too, for me pci.sys file scan completed in like 2-3 sec. even though your problem is fixed as you using avira now.
I m using 80 gb hard disk, 1.8 processor, 1 gb ram, :slight_smile:

What I Guess Is, Might Be On 15th May when This Error Occured You Might Be Using A Prior Version To .509 And It Would Had Been Updated To .509 By Now. If Possible Reinstall CIS With Antivirus, Make Sure Everything Is Updated And After That Run A Scan.

thanks for your help guys i will try and let you know what happens

The problem seemed to resolved thanks guys
but i just add something your antivirus throw up error when it was updating but that was soon resolved when i uninstalled the avira - just thought i menition it
as you not suppose to run two antivirus products at the same time so its just as well

Running two AV programs residentially at the same time can cause troubles. You an also choose to let only one monitor and make the other on demand. I have seen several reports of people who successfully work with CIS and Avira.

yes at times 2 antivirus clashes and its not recommended to use 2 at same time, some combination work without any problem i myself used CIS (antivirus installed) & rising antivirus 2009 also installed, but they both worked together fine without any problems at all. its not recommended though but yes its possible to run 2 antivirus at times.
- YouTube <–you can see this video made by me shows it.
But again i like to state as this new came i uninstalled rising antivirus 2009 as comodo antivirus is improving faster and it uses less resources in real time scan and detection rate improved with 3.9 and there are fp but they are reduced in 3.9 version.
Richard i happy that your problem is resolved. cheers!